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Advanced express integrated solutions

Our advanced express solutions seamlessly integrate to create comprehensive, enterprise-class solutions that leverage industry-leading automation and network architecture advantages. The express solutions are:

Disaster Recovery/High Availability

We can provide comprehensive failover, disaster recovery, and high availability strategies to keep mission critical applications running, maintain data accessibility, and ensure business continuity.

Solutions Options:

  • Disaster Recovery (DR): Replication, snapshots, and network storage help eliminate single points of failure and provide a restoration path for mission-critical data.
  • High Availability (HA): Load balancing and mirroring between servers in addition to data backups increases data availability and mitigates the risks of any part of your network going down.
  • HA/DR: Combining high availability and disaster recovery solutions provide the ultimate in business continuity. Global load balancing, geographically diverse DNS routing, and hot swap backups practically eliminates the risk of downtime in the event of even the most catastrophic system failures.

High Performance Computing

We can create high-performance environments with on-demand scalability that gives your business the edge it needs—whether handling spikes during development cycles or establishing a scalable computing platform for ongoing operations.

Small and Medium Enterprise

We can provide the flexibility for creating an environment optimized for performance and cost, scalability to expand your environment as your company grows, and access to enterprise-class services that smaller organizations typically cannot consider, including content delivery network and load balancing.

Solutions Options:

  • Basic: A single entry-level server can share web hosting, application support, and database functions to get business operations off the ground.
  • Advanced: Additional servers can be added on demand as business needs grow, allowing disparate applications to be placed on their own systems.
  • Premium: Virtualization allows multiple, legacy, and even incompatible applications to run on multiple servers, maximizing utilization rates. Hardware firewalls provide the highest level of security, as load balancing optimizes accessibility and performance.

Large Enterprises

We enable large enterprises to maintain a fully on-demand platform with a level of performance, security, scalability, manageability, and total cost of ownership that they cannot likely attain in-house.

Solutions Options:

  • Basic: Single server solution includes secure, redundant, and powerful resources and provides flexibility for adding server's on-demand to host new applications or environments.
  • Advanced: Multiple servers are coupled with load balancing and hardware firewalls for higher accessibility and security needs.
  • Premium: Web, application, and database servers are tied to additional storage for a completely outsourced database environment, avoiding capital expenditure and staffing costs.

Virtual Solutions

We provide virtualization technologies that help you optimize your technology resources and costs and achieve unprecedented utilization rates.

Benefits of virtualization include:

  • Hardware consolidation reduces capital expenditures and energy costs
  • Standardization of operating systems reduces errors
  • Rapid provisioning improves time-to-market
  • Automation reduces staffing costs
  • Physical servers are made more interchangeable
  • Portability improves availability, recovery, and flexibility
  • The proprietary architecture and automated tools that power our on-demand services give us uncommon virtualization advantages, and the proven level of performance and reliability necessary for enterprise-class virtualization solutions.

Automated delivery of IT infrastructure for the rapid scaling of solutions:

  • Best-practice OS builds and patching
  • Private-network connectivity, ideal for hypervisor management
  • Network storage based on iSCSI SAN and NAS for virtual machine storage to enable high-end virtualization features
  • Virtual Private Racks to allow integrated network performance

Our virtualization portfolio can provide efficiencies throughout your enterprise IT environments, with services that virtualize: Network, Security, Server, and Storage

Web 2.0 & SaaS

Web 2.0 applications require a significant amount of flexibility to accommodate ever-changing user demand. Our solution allows you customize highly scalable solutions ideal for meeting today's needs without compromising cost efficiency or expansion speed. Linear stacks of web, application, and database servers can be added on the fly to precisely meet demand whenever more resources are needed.

Solutions Options:

  • Basic: An initial stack of a web server, application server, and database server can be easily scaled up as application use increases.
  • Advanced: Live migration of applications between systems allows businesses face growing computing needs.
  • Premium: Additional web and application servers can be added as needed when application use increases.

Web Development & Design

Web design and application development comes with cyclical spikes in need for computing power and test environments.

Solutions Options:

  • Basic: An initial web design and development environment can be quickly and easily provisioned to get applications up and running smoothly.
  • Advanced: Servers and services can be added on-demand to support incrementally larger environments.
  • Premium: Scalable back-end hardware and resources can be scaled for spikes in need, while front-end services optimize content delivery to users.

Hosting Resellers

When resellers put their name on a hosting service, they want to know that it will live up to their end-customer's expectations. Our solution provides the performance and reliability for the highest level of confidence.

Solutions Options:

  • Shared: Hardware, power, and network infrastructure can be customized to create a managed shared environment that delivers end customers the service they demand.
  • VPS: Virtual private servers slice hardware into scalable pieces, letting resellers offer businesses of all sizes-from the smallest web start-ups to larger companies requiring diverse application environments-powerful computing resources in highly scalable portions.
  • Virtual Machine: Virtual machines appear and function like physical servers but utilize a fraction of the resources, allowing resellers to offer industry-leading computing resources in a scalable, on-demand fashion with high utilization rates and cost optimization.

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