Design Services

Logo design, web Designs and much more. We create professionally designed branding that represent our customer's companies, products and services both online and offline. We design success for organizations that need to increase revenue, find better clients, sign up more members, or make bigger sales.


  • World-class designers.
  • Professional files using industry standard graphics file formats that can be used in most applications.
  • Risk Free - 100% money back guarantee policy.
  • More options by getting tens of designs to choose from.
  • Full legal ownership of your graphics.
Available Options:

Graphic Design

Logo Design
  • A logo for a company, website or brand.
Stationery Design
  • Business cards, letterheads, labels and other business paperwork.
Button & Icon Design
  • Simple graphics such as an icon, a button or an avatar.
T-Shirt Design
  • A design to be printed onto a T-shirt or clothing.
Print & Packaging Design
  • Brochures, newsletters, Posters, product packaging and other printed material.
Other Graphic Design
  • Any other design-related task not fitting into another category.

Web Design

E Landing Page (uncoded)
  • Single stand-alone page, not part of a larger site.
Widget and Apps (uncoded)
  • Small web-based app and widget designs
Small Website (uncoded)
  • Website needing 1-4 pages.
Email Template (uncoded)
  • Layout for an email message.
Large Website (uncoded)
  • Website needing 5+ pages.
Ad banner
  • Standard advertising web banner (no flash coding).
Flash Intro
  • Designing a Flash Intro.
Twitter Background Design
  • A design specifically for a Twitter profile, as a background image.

Business Design

  • Slides or themes for PowerPoint, Keynote, SlideRocket, etc..
  • Online or printed newsletter
  • Events invitations.
  • Indoor or Outdoor signs.

Industrial Design

Packaging Design
  • Actual package design, NOT graphics on a package.
Product Design
  • Actual product design, NOT graphics on a product.

Mobile Design

App Design
  • A design specifically for an iPhone, iPad or other application.

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